How to Start Performing Magic Tricks

Would you like to learn magic? Would you like to know how magicians begin practicing their art? Many people are mesmerized by magic, yet very few people practice the art of performing magic and illusions. Magic can be a hobby or become a full-time profession. The first step is learning where to begin.

Magicians vary in their personalities, magic tricks, and illusions performed. Whether you want to learn card tricks, do kids’ magic tricks, or coin tricks, you will need to consult some sources of information first. Sources of study can be found in local libraries, bookstores, magic shops, and online sites.

It is suggested to read literature on the subject and watch live and video presentations of exhibitions. Reading and watching will teach elementary magic tricks as well as provide a sense of the importance of proper presentation. Reading can provide the know-how regarding tricks while watching them performed can teach you how to properly conceal tactics and entertain an audience while executing magic tricks.

Magicians should meet and speak to other magicians. Look in your local phonebook for magic shops in your area. In addition, you can search the Web for forums and clubs that discuss and share information on the topic (one such club is the Society of American Magicians).

Next, a beginner needs to practice coin tricks, card tricks, and other magic tricks alone and in front of small audiences. Try practicing in front of a mirror to start. Remember that anything you can spot yourself doing in the mirror can also be apprehended by the audience. Practice your magic tricks repeatedly until it become second nature to perform them flawlessly.

Showmanship is a large part of performing tricks; a magician must practice their words, inflection, body movements, and overall ability to entertain the crowd during their magic trick exhibition. Some magicians use partners to additionally entertain the crowd as well as to serve as a source to distract observer attention.

Initial Tips

– Be aware of angles while learning magic. Some tricks require you to face the crowd head on. Having the audience seated to the sides may reveal how the feats are performed.

– Borrow needed items from the audience rather than use your own. It will make it seem like the feat is more magical because you didn’t have a chance to manipulate the items.

– Do not perform the same magic trick more than once in front of the same audience. Doing so would make it easier for them to guess how it was performed.

– Do not divulge how the trick is done. People will ask, but the secrets must be preserved in order to maintain observer wonderment and captivation.

– Any new magician has the ability to execute any card trick, coin trick, or other magic trick, but they must be practiced for some time before being performed in front of an audience successfully.

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