About Jazz Dancing

Jazz dancing style is one of the most renowned dancing styles that have emerged since end of the First World War. The credit for the popularity of jazz dance can be attributed to its display in movies and in television shows.

Jazz dancing highlights an individual’s own ability to dance freely. Its style is free of all stiffness. It is, rather, a free dancing style. Jazz dancers portray their own styles and add innovations to the techniques. These qualities of jazz dance make it very individualistic. This form of dance is characterized by its high energy levels. Its unique steps and movements, fancy foot works, big leaps, twisting and turning movements make it a pleasure to watch.

History of Jazz Dancing

After the First World War ended, the society underwent a change. The people became more liberal in their outlook. They condemned the stringency of the earlier generations. The popular notion of the age was that life is short lived and is meant to be enjoyed. This age is called the age of the ‘lost generation’. Girls came out in short skirts and their altered morals challenged the values of the previous generation.

Jazz dance originated in the nineteenth century. Jazz dancing was popular in clubs and brothels in south and mid west America. The black skinned people who were released from slavery enjoyed this dance along with European music, mixing it in afro flavor. In the olden days jazz was popularized in New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis, Kansas City and many other places. Jazz dancing is still popular in New Orleans.

What to Wear During Practice

Casual clothes serve the purpose well. Since the body line must come out prominently, baggy clothes are not preferred. Too tight clothes prevent free movement. So they are not advisable as well.

Jazz Movements

A little bit of warm up exercises are vital. They include stretching exercises and a bit of cardio exercises. The steps consist of basic turns, leaps, ‘jazz walks’. There are several types of these movements. Another famous move is ‘contraction’. Since jazz dancing is very individualistic, students are welcome to add their own styles.

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